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I can't find a scarf that matches my sweater...

Recognizable? Even with a drawer full of scarves (yes, I have a fetish) , I can't find matching ones.

So I decided to design and make them myself!

How? Well, I designed nice patterns with the pattern designer, let them print on nice fabrics and sew the scarves.

The design

For the design I started with deciding what colors to use. Then I chose a pattern that fits the style of the sweater.

For the red sweater I made a bit classic scarf containing the same color. I used a color range containing this color for the figures. This gives the fabric a shiny effect. To get a more lively scarf, I chose a green background. For a classic design I made a pattern of overlapping transparent (0.36) stars. For a serene pattern, I kept all rotations the same.
Because the green sweater is a bit grey, I chose more bright colors (white and blue) for this scarf. To let the scarf match the sweater, I chose a grey background. The sweater is more though then the red sweater, so I made a more though pattern for this scarf. Therefore I used a pattern of overlapping texts with a handwriting font. Using my name I made the scarf personal.

To make a scarf which matches my eyes, I also designed a bright blue pattern. This is also easy to combine with a blue jeans. For a nice star effect I chose a white background and an almost overlapping pattern of diamonds.

The fabrics

Because I mainly wear the scarves inside, I chose some light fabrics.
For the red and blue grey scarves I used polyesters of 110 and 115 gr/m2.
For the blue scarf I used a cotton fabric of 95 gr/m2.
The structure of the red scarf is georgette, the structure of the blue and grey scarves are plain with a little stretch (2-3%).
Keep in mind that colors are printed different on every fabric. The colors on the blue cotton scarf are less bright than the colors on the polyester scarves.

The sewing

To create a scarf that fits nicely I decided to make infinity scarves. You can follow this tutorial or any of the many other you can find.

Most scarves are easily made, so you'll have your scarf in minutes!

To get a self-designed scarf easier, you can also print your design on a scarf directly.